Delicious Pancakes – Dairy Free

 Okay. So I like pancakes on Sunday morning. And I like them with Bisquick. Sue me. 🙂 Bisquick does contain soybean oil, but my allergist said that should be okay with someone with a soy allergy. Check with your doctor if you have any questions.

 Ingredients: Bisquick, club soda, pinch of vanilla, pinch of sugar, splash of orange juice, and a dump of quick cooking oats. On top: blueberries and bananas. Note about the club soda, or seltzer water or whatever you call it. Plus it keeps forever in your fridge, opened. Basically for this recipe you follow the general guidelines for pancakes on the box, adding no egg, and adding the extra things I mentioned. I use less Bisquick and some oats because oats are good for you and bisquick is not. They are really undetectable, and these pancakes are AWESOME!!


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