Katie’s Mexican Stew

My friend Kate made this for me a week after I had a baby. I devoured it. I am very impressed with the flavors and wholesome yumminess in every bite!
— 1 lb chicken – I boil it and pull it apart (shredded)
— Cooked rice (start with 3/4 c uncooked) and 1.25 c water – I use less than normal so it doesn’t get too mushy when you add it to the soup – I prefer brown rice, but I’m sure either would be good
— can of black beans – rinsed
— can of corn – rinsed
— can of diced tomatoes – rinsed
— a few cups of chicken broth – however much you like, I guess depending on your preferred consistency
— lime juice (usually do about 1 lime’s worth)
— about 1 T of chili powder (again can vary based on preference here)
— about 1/2 T of cumin
— salt and pepper
— a bay leaf or two – kinda weird, but I feel like it really does make a difference
— a little garlic or garlic powder
I just mix it all together and let it simmer for a bit.
— chopped cilantro
— chopped avocado
— slices of lime
— tortilla chips
— (shredded cheese)
— (sour cream)

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