Allergy-friendly quick and easy meal your husband can make when you haven’t gone shopping

Now that I’ve gotten your attention with that mouth-watering title, I need to give a disclaimer. I would heartily recommend ANY of those delicious recipes on the right to anyone who wants a good meal. This recipe is not really one of those types. I am listing this meal here for moms of kids with allergies like Sam, to make on “one of those days.” Today, Saturday,  was “one of those days.”  We had a busy day and arrived home at 5:30, all of us grouchy and starving. No groceries, no meal plan, no ideas. It is always a challenge with kids like Sam who are protein-challenged. The staples aren’t an option. Mac and cheese? Nope. PB and J? Nope. Grilled cheese? Oven pizza? No and no. So I was pleasantly surprised when I made this with Sam in mind – and liked it! Actually, check that, my HUSBAND made it. So you know it’s simple! 🙂 It is nothing special but perhaps another family grouchy and with bare cupboards could try it and like it!


Fun shaped box of pasta (Sam likes shells)

Especially yummy jarred spaghetti sauce (as it will be the star of your un-gourmet meal…I used Bertolli’s 🙂

Olive oil

Jar of great northern beans

salt and pepper



Cook pasta, heat sauce, wash and drain beans. Combine pasta and sauce with a handful of beans per bowl and sprinkle with salt and pepper. You’ve got your protein (beans), fat (olive oil), and carbs (pasta!) And, yes, it was actually tasty!!



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