More Snack Ideas?

Friends, it is that time again!  Time to start school.  I know that when you children have allergies it makes it so hard to entrust them to other people much less in an environment where their allergen may be present.  In fact, one preschool I visited allowed the two-year-olds to share snacks.  As you can imagine, my son will not be attending there.  I know that it will be hard enough to have experiences when he is singled out and cannot enjoy the same snack as the others, but I cannot imagine enforcing it in the midst of everyone sharing.

I am a relative newbie at preschools.  My daughter attended one when she was two (and did not have allergies) and it was about the most last-minute decision I have ever made.  My parents made the suggestion when I was waiting for her baby brother to be born.  After I had him, the idea of having a morning or two with only one child sounded great.  I was new to the area and had a recommendation from a friend, so I signed her up.  At two, it is that easy sometimes.  Not the case this year.  This year I have a four-year-old and a two-year-old.  We have been on two waiting lists (one of those schools wouldn’t accept my son due to his late birthday), so we went with the one both kids got into.

I was so naive that I was completely taken by surprise when the welcome letter we received announced that all families would be responsible for providing snacks for the entire preschool (40 kids) one week out of the year.  I had already planned on sending Luke with his own snack each day, but I was caught off guard about feeding everyone else.  So….

That brings me to this post.  If you were in my shoes, delivering 40 snacks x 5 days (and it must be delivered the Friday before the week begins), what are some economical choices that are allergen-free?  If you are a teacher and can provide input, please do that as well!  If your kids are not in school yet, what are some snacks that you feed your kids that travel well?


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