Easy Friday Night Family Meal = Chicken Parmesan, Hold the Parmesan

I hate cooking on Friday night. Back when we were married with no kids (and life was easy but we didn’t realize it), we were always exhausted on Friday and argued for about an hour over where we should go eat dinner. Of course, now I realize we COULD go out and eat whenever and wherever…life was good! Now, it’s not feasible to go out because of Todd’s schedule (and grouchy kids) so we eat in. I have come up with a few easy, yet “special” meals for our family to eat. Here is one…Chicken Parmesan, Hold the Parmesan.


Spaghetti Noodles (rice pasta if you wish)

Jarred Spaghetti Sauce – (Warning: avoid Ragu Chunky Garden Sauce…has cheese in it!!! Learned that the hard way!)

Frozen Chicken nuggets or patties (Tyson and Coleman’s Organic are dairy-free, Ian’s Gluten-Free is another option)

Mozzerella for your husband 🙂


You can probably put this one together in your head 🙂 Cook pasta, heat sauce, cook tenders in oven. Layer: noodles, sauce, tenders. Enjoy an easy meal! I acted like it was a fancy restaurant meal and served coke with it. Sam thought it was a special occasion!


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