New Feature: Tuesday Top Ten

Welcome to a new feature! I love making lists 🙂 Check in on Tuesdays for top ten somethings! In the interest of full disclosure, it may not always be Tuesday, there may not be ten, and, heck, it might be more like “good things” instead of “the TOP.” But whatever. 🙂

So without any further adu, today’s list is….Top Ten Fall Soups. I love soup this time of year. My only problem is somehow it ends up being 80 degrees on the day my soup is boiling on the stove. But we still enjoy it.:)

Top Ten Fall Soups

  1. Caribbean Sweet Potato Chili – This soup has two strikes. Weird flavor combos (sweet potatoes ? caribbean? soup?) But also, it is by Sandra Lee, who definitely has a knack for matchy matchy kitchens, but I am not in love with all her recipes. But trust me here, folks…YUMMY.
  2. my mom’s Chicken and Dumplings (recipe coming)
  3. Black Bean Soup 
  4. Pasta Fagioli – Olive Garden anyone? Now if I could only have the breadsticks…
  5. Tortilla Soup – Okay this is more of a summer recipe. But heck, avocadoes are still on sale. This is a great recipe.
  6. Ham and Bean Soup – don’t hate. It’s awesome.
  7. French Onion Soup (love this recipe…uses Balsamic Vinegar instead of wine!)
  8. Roasted Vegetable Minestrone – I have not actually made this version of minestrone! Sorry…but it actually looks better than the one I made, so I will be trying it soon.
  9. White Bean and Chicken Chili – I get cravings for this once a month. Odd. Yet, not? 🙂
  10. Old Timey Beef Stew (it’s what a man wants.)

What’s your favorite soup?


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