Top Ten Lunch Ideas for Toddlers (Allergic or not!)

Welcome to second edition of Tuesday Top Ten.  If you haven’t tried one of these, it’s possible your little one might like it! Sometimes I’m surprised what Sam likes and doesn’t like. And also, by what he can be bribed to eat with a yummy dessert treat 🙂 Each of these has a protein, fat, and a carb. I will always add whatever fruit he eats that’s in season. (Currently, oranges, pears, and banana?) Anyone else have good lunch ideas for allergic kids?

  1. Hormel Natural choice lunchmeat, rolled in tortilla (corn or wheat) and spread with dairy-free butter. Add tomato slices if you have time!
  2. Cooked brown rice, black beans, olive oil, a tinge of mild salsa, wrapped in a corn or flour tortilla.
  3. Canned white chicken pieces (Swanson’s Natural), drizzled with olive oil and wheat crackers.
  4. Canned white beans, olive oil, mixed with seashell noodles and salt and pepper. His favorite!
  5. Sunbutter and jelly sandwich. (Thanks to my friend Ashley for this suggestion!)
  6. Homemade hummus (smash up white beans and olive oil) with crackers and carrot sticks. Sam really loves homemade hummus!
  7. Cooked chicken breast (or leftover Rotisserie chicken) on bread smeared with avocado and a small tomato slice (Like so small they don’t realize it’s there :).
  8. Sliced lunchmeat and fruit salad. (Chop up banana, grapes, oranges and berries.)
  9. Amy’s Black Bean Burrito. (This does contain wheat.)
  10. Coleman’s Own Organic Chicken nuggets (contain wheat), sliced fruit, side of crackers.

And, bonus: our #1 lunch-on-the-run that is (far as I can tell) TOTALLY allergy friendly, Chick-fil-a kids meal GRILLED nuggets and fries kids’ meal with lemonade. I always say Sam has allergies and they know exactly what I want…guess they do it often. But ps, if your kids don’t have allergies it’s just a healthier fast-food option. LOVE some Chick-fil-a!!


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